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about the cd

sound adventures

Sound Adventures: Global Music for Children is an exciting new compilation of world music featuring some of Canada’s finest musicians who take children on an amazing musical journey of discovery from Ireland to Africa; Japan to the Middle East and India, and beyond.

Since its release the CD has garnered great reviews from parents, magazines, Early Years Learning Centres, and, most recently, received the 2005 Silver Award from the U.S.-based Parents’ Choice Foundation.

We’re passionate about promoting Canada’s unique and vibrant world music scene, so the list of tracks from Sound Adventures below includes links to the artists’ websites for parents and educators to explore.

1 Habeebit Mama Maryem Tollar www.maryemtollar.com 3:07
2 Conga de Ayer Cassava Latin Rhythms www.cassavalatin.com 3:39
3 Cana Caiana Guiomar Campbell www.guiomarcampbell.com 3:34
4 Tuwe Tuwe Baobab Youth Performers www.baobabtree.org 1:27
5 Mi Cumbia The Liquidaires www.liquidaires.com 3:06
6 Nga Nga Njacko Backo and Kalimba Kalimba 3:18
7 Tongue Twister Toronto Tabla Ensemble www.tablaensemble.com 2:22
8 Bidou Kiyoshi Nagata Ensemble www.kiyoshinagata.com 4:29
9 Cooking Bulgar(s) Flying Bulgar Klezmer Band www.flyingbulgars.com 4:29
10 The Youngest Daughter Loretto Reid www.reidtaheny.com 3:23
11 Dumbek Dance Sophia Grigoriadis 3:40
12 Tara’s Lullaby Tasa www.tasamusic.com 4:35
13 Fall Down Maza Mezé www.mazameze.com 4:25
14 Lala Sana Lizzy Mahashe 3:50